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The tokenization of assets will revolutionize the financial industry. Are you ready? Tokenization is already enabling the creation of a whole new financial system – one that is more democratic, efficient, transparent and comprehensive than anything we have seen so far. From art to real estate to commodities, the way we invest in assets could change fundamentally with tokenization. We believe that through tokenization, the financial industry will become more accessible, cheaper, faster and easier, potentially release billions of FIATs in currently illiquid assets. At the same time, the trading volume of regulated and private exchanges will increase considerably! Tokenization is already reality today.

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Completion of Project Phase 1

Following the completion of Project Phase 1 with confirmed 5.2 million metric tonnes of diatomite and a verified DCF valuation of CHF 1.1 billion, we began the process of balancing and phased implementation of mineral assets on the Blockchain.

Asset Backed Token SWOP

Monday, 15.07.2019, we officially launch the announced SWOP of our PTX ERC-20 token in the Asset Backed Token Qommodity (QOMX). From Monday on the homepage will also show a countdown for the remaining time to get the current SWOP course. As already announced, we will compensate possible exchange rate differences from the PTX until 31.07.2019 and have therefore a fixed internal price of 1 PTX : 1.3 QOMX exclusively for this period. One more important note: the SWOP does not happen automatically you have to do the process actively in your back office.

New Milestone Decentralization

Another milestone is the decision to decentralize our ecosystem. Therefore, we will install a cooperative in Switzerland to promote and develop the Blockchain and Distributed Ledger technologies. In the future, we will offer all participants in the QOMX ecosystem the opportunity to participate as a member in our project and in the development and thus actively participate in shaping the future of blockchain technologies. More information will be available in the coming weeks!

Project Phase 2 starting

In addition to the planning of exit strategies of the existing diatomite raw material assets via a blockchain based supply chain (including proof of origin and quality), we work consistently on the further expansion and diversification of the ecosystem. The new approach is now a strategic investment in the metal sector. In addition to the generation and storage of electrical energy for electric vehicles, there is another challenge: For the production of strategically important economic sectors, rare earths will become more and more important. Looking at the political press of the last three years, there are already several articles pointing to diplomatic conflicts between European and North American countries and China. These conflicts are not least due to the increasing demand for rare earths. It is likely that the conflicts will continue to grow as the Chinese government increasingly exports processed products rather than raw materials. This will greatly increase the industry’s need for rare earths. As a solution for the increasing demand and the decreasing availability for example the development of new recycling methods for neodymium (Nd) and other rare earths stand in the foreground.

Keyfacts Project Phase 2 – Availability / Input

85 million metric tons of recycled material available. Location: Central Europe. Homogeneous material. London Mineral Exchange (LME) proved reserve. 2 LME results from 18 Rare Earth Elements (REEs) are already available. For another 16, the analyses are in progress.

Key technology

Technology leader in micro processing. The extraction of rare earths below 50 microns was technically not possible. 60% of the REEs are smaller than 50 microns (millionths of a millimetre). Technology leader masters the separation up to 5 microns. Project duration 36 months. Time corridor: three months (Early Stage Invest / No Brain Invest). Investment incl. production and recycling materials: approximately 5.750.000, – Euro. Potential from the 2 audited REEs: approximately 2.790.000.000, – USD.


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