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Project Phase 2 starting


In addition to the planning of exit strategies of the existing diatomite raw material assets via a blockchain based supply chain (including proof of origin and quality), we work consistently on the further expansion and diversification of the ecosystem. The new approach is now a strategic investment in the metal sector. In addition… read more

New Milestone Decentralization


Another milestone is the decision to decentralize our ecosystem. Therefore, we will install a cooperative in Switzerland to promote and develop the blockchain and distributed ledger technologies. In the… read more

Asset Backed Token SWOP


Today we officially launch the announced SWOP of our PTX ERC-20 token in the asset backed token Qommodity (QOMX). The website will also show a countdown for the remaining time to get the current… read more

Completion of Project Phase 1


Following the completion of project phase 1 with confirmed 5.25 million metric tonnes of diatomite and a verified DCF valuation of CHF 1.1 billion, we began the process of balancing and phased implementation of mineral assets on the blockchain.